Scammed into buying Fake Ray Bans



We all say it will never happen to us, that we’re far to web savvy for this kind of thing but I’m here to raise my hand and admit I’ve been made a complete fool of and take full responsibility!

3 weeks ago, an acquaintance on Facebook posted a link to (the site has since been shut down) to a one day sale being held by Ray Bans, offering discounts on glasses with up to 80% of the original price. I investigated the link and read the excited comments on Facebook from people saying they would buy up to 4 pairs.

Having always wanted a pair, I was satisfied with the recommendation from a peer and and ordered a pair. Not only that, but as soon as I was done, I contacted my unsuspecting (and not very web-literate) parents and advised them to pick up as many as they could, before the sale ends.

I thought nothing of it for 3 weeks and decided to go through my emails to check up on my order. As soon as I saw the link and the name of the URL, my heart sank and I knew I’d been completely duped. Admittedly, the website looked passable but anyone who spends as much time critisising websites and social media as much as I do should know better.

I’ve tried contacting the website, and I’m now hoping that I at least get passable fake glasses instead of completely losing my money for nothing.

Normally, I would hate to admit to this kind of stupidity but the whole reason I fell victim to the scam was because it came recommended to me from a trusted source (i.e a guy I knew from college and haven’t seen in 4 years.)

Mashable just posted a article stating that  Millennials Trust User-Generated Content 50% More Than Other Media. and this example just highlights that. As a potential digital marketer, I found my own experience of this fascinating little example of how trust is developed online amongst peers.


Update: The site has since been taken down.

My Facebook friend did indeed get his fake glasses and is very happy. 

The glasses were shipped but because we ordered so many they were intercepted by customs.  They sent the following letter.

Letter from irish customs


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