5 Shameless Product Placement Dialogues in TV

waynes world product placement

Most of the time I dont mind product placement in TV. To my mind, put as many brands and logos around the actors/presenters as you like, just don’t make them talk about it…

1. Shark Tank 

Does this sound like normal organic conversation to you? Cringe-worthy doesn’t cut it! When’s the last time you mentioned your mobile carrier when telling someone that you’ll send them a picture?

2. Head and Shoulders – Evolution 

This whole movie is an advertisement for shampoo. Part of me thinks they were trying to be clever with some tongue in cheek by being so obvious. That is before the entire movie descends into farce…

3. Hawaii Five-O

This takes the biscuit for shameful writing in trying to work product branding into character dialogue. There are no words for how awful both of these clips are.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, watch as this guy painfully tries to turn ‘Bing’ into a verb.

Mean girls Bing Product Placement

4. House of Cards – PS Vita

This one broke my heart a little as I am a huge fan of House of Cards but listening to Frank Underwood’s weak endorsement is gut wrenching.

5. 30 Rock – Verizon

Ok, this isnt shameful. This is genius and they got me hook, line and sinker. Well played Tina Fey, well played.


What have i missed? @mclesham


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