7 Irish Mental Health Awareness Organisations you need to know about

For the month of May, See Change, the National Stigma Reduction Partnership and 90 other partner organisations carried out the Green Ribbon Campaign which aimed to get people talking openly about mental health problems. The Campaign was a huge success and encouraged over 1,656,654 conversations on mental health during the month of may.


To make sure that Mental Health is still in conversation throughout the year, I have compiled a list of the most important organisations who support those living with various forms of Mental Illness.



Mental Health Reform – Mentalhelp.ie.

Mental Help is a brand new service only launched by the Mental Health Reform within the last month. Mental Help is the one stop shop for helping service users and professionals find the help and support they need when confronted with mental illness.



Bodywhys are the national voluntary organisation supporting people with eating disorders. Bodwhys are committed to the belief that people can, and do recover from eating disorders. They strive to empower people affected by eating disorders to access information, support and treatment.



Aware offer information and support for individuals suffering from depression and their families. You can find information about your nearest support group and confidential e-mail service.



Samaritans is a 24 hour helpline service providing confidential emotional support for people experiencing feelings of emotional distress or despair including those which may lead to suicide. Their website provides information and support as well as information on how you can become a volunteer.



ReachOut.com is Inspire Ireland’s practical on-line program which has helped to improve young people’s health and well-being. Using new technologies and social media,Reachout.com encourages users to seek help and facilitates connections between young people so they can share their stories and provide support to each other in a positive environment.




Spun Out are an independent youth powered national charity working to empower young people to create personal and social change.


Pieta House

Pieta House, the centre for the prevention of self-harm or suicide, opened its doors in Lucan in January 2006. Counselling is aimed at those who have already attempted to take their own life. Their vision is to provide suicide and self-harm support services within 100 kilometres of everyone in Ireland.



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